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"Stone and Marble From the Gods"
This in-depth educationally packed 2 hour video will take you on a step- by-step narrative and visual journey that teaches you how to create 3 unique marble pillars; Lanzafama Imperial Dark, GallioYellow Sienna, and Acru Drift Marble. In addition, this instructional video encompasses all of the information you will need to create Trompe L'oeil Stone Blocks, grout or joint lines. Also included are the basic techniques used to guild and antique gold leaf. Since we are in the Faux and Mural contracting business ourselves, we have learned that by having the knowledge and secrets of the trade (as taught in this money making video) you can, one; generate and "up sell" your clients, and two; help fill in your work schedule by painting their existing architectural features or creating the illusion of architecture.

A must see for Students and Seasoned Professional alike.

Item #020DVD

Price $89.00 


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