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"Heavenly Skies"
The proverbial 'heavens' are one of the most sought after painting requests we receive from clients whom want to exploit their ceiling architecture and enjoy an enveloping over head tranquil experience through artwork. Artists, however, request to seek the 'Holy Grail' of painting the skies through learning how to master cloud painting techniques i.e.; their shapes, patterns and the overall atmosphere of clouds meeting sky in a beautiful ethereal mood. We have taken you, the student, from a step-by-step in studio board of both overhead and horizontal cloud formations to the inside of a dome, teaching you how to create a beautiful ascending cloud design which depicts the serenity of a morning sky peacefully drifting overhead. The closing of this video gives a narrative description that you won't want to miss. Randy and Brian take you through a multitude of master works describing "Heavenly Skies".

Making money from sunrise to sunset has never been easier.

Item #022DVD

Price $69.00 


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